The beauty in nature has always inspired me. In particular, phenomena associated with light and specifically the Aurora; a natural light display in the sky most present in the Polar Regions, caused by collisions between gaseous particles in the Earth’s atmosphere and charged particles released from the sun’s atmosphere. Fire Rainbows are also a source of inspiration, which are formed by plate shaped ice crystals in cirrus clouds that refract the light from the sun, creating a
flaming rainbow effect in the sky.

My work attempts to translate these events on an aesthetic level and present them in a way that creates a new experience for the viewer. The simplicity of light as a medium with unlimited potential is what makes it so interesting to work with. The visual effect on the viewer is important; I want to positively engage the audience to see what is already around us all the time in a new way, to witness something simple and beautiful. Abstraction also plays a part in the work
although not in a modernist capacity. It is about the abstraction in the diffraction of light and the abstractness of light itself. Using simple and accessible
materials to create subtle effects of fragmenting and refracting light to view the spectrum of colours present in visible light everyday.