Diploma of Visual Art (Sculpture), Swinburne University, Melbourne, Australia
Bachelor of Fine Art (Sculpture), Monash University, Melbourne, Australia

Group Exhibitions
Swinburne Graduate Exhibition, Swinburne University Gallery, Melbourne, Australia
2012 MADA Graduate Exhibition, Monash University, Melbourne, Australia
2013 Debut IX, Blindside Gallery, Melbourne, Australia
2018 Closed Caption, The Living Gallery Outpost, New York

Rawscape Sculpture Prize, Victoria, Australia
Monash University Annual Sculpture Prize, Melbourne, Australia

Private Collection, Melbourne, Australia,
Private Collection, New York, USA

Volunteer, Monash University Faculty Gallery, Melbourne, Australia
2011 Volunteer, IMPACT7 Conference, Melbourne, Australia
2012 Independent Contractor, 45downstairs Gallery, Melbourne, Australia
2012 Member of MADA Student Representative Committee, Melbourne, Australia
2014 Gallery Associate, Erarta Galleries, New York, USA
2014 Visitor & Membership Assistant, Museum of Modern Art, New York, USA
2015 Studio Assistant, Richard Clarkson Studio, New York, USA
2016 Consultant, Vick Corporate Art Advisors, New York, USA (current)
2018 Co-Founder of Jude Collective, New York, USA (current)

Monash Art, Design & Architecture
Blindside A.R.I
Lorne Sculpture Biennial
Jude Collective